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Your shirts are awesome! How can I get one?

Sorry, the Pep Band's red and white-striped rugby shirts are for band members only. Since the shirts are essentially the band's uniform, it is important for the band to be able to distinguish itself from individual fans in the crowd.

What is the time commitment necessary to be a member of the SCU Pep Band?
The Pep Band plays at 3-4 home volleyball games and 1-2 Alumni Association and Admissions Office events during the fall. During this time, the Bronco Band also rehearses for about one hour each week in preparation for the basketball season. The winter is the busiest time for the Bronco Band, as it plays at roughly two basketball games each week. Then, the Pep Band performs at 2-3 Alumni Association and Admissions Office events in the spring.

Does the SCU Pep Band travel to away games?
Yes! In the past, the Pep Band has traveled to Stanford University to support the volleyball team in the NCAA Regionals. The Bronco Band also traveled to San Diego for the 2008 WCC Basketball Tournament and accompanied the basketball teams to Las Vegas for the 2009, '10, '11 and '12 conference tournament. If the basketball teams qualify for the NCAA Tournament, the Bronco Band gets to go along, too.

Can I get units for being in the SCU Pep Band?
Sorry, the only compensation the Pep Band currently offers is the opportunity to play music, get into games for free and make some great friends. The Pep Band operates as a Spirit Club under the supervision of the Athletics Department and is entirely student-run, so it is not considered a class, and participation and attendance are purely optional.

Are there try-outs? If so, when do they take place?

No, the Pep Band welcomes all levels of musicians, including beginners. We do not hold formal try-outs, but we encourage all students to join in the Fall quarter and use our practice sessions as an opportunity to see what Pep Band is all about and try it for themselves.

What if I want to join, but have no musical experience?

You are still welcome to join! We have taught several students in the past how to play instruments. If you have any interest at all, we will teach you and if you are familiar with music, but want to try a new instrument, we welcome that too.