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We work hard to protect the Student-Athlete’s right to the SCU academic experience – and we succeed!

Santa Clara University student-athletes …
* graduate in 4 years.
* have an average 3.0 GPA (on par with the undergrad. student average)
* major in a diversity of academic disciplines across all three colleges (Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and the Leavey School of Business)
* can complete minors or second majors, while competing for all four years.

Get great Academic Advising
Our approach to academic support is personal.  Meet Dana McCusker, Academic Support Manager for Athletics:

Dana McCusker

We collaborate with the Drahmann Advising Center. 
Dana guides pre-major student-athletes toward determining majors within the College of Arts and Science, the Leavey School of Business, and the School of Engineering as well as guide them through specific academic requirements for NCAA eligibility and, foremost, toward a timely baccalaureate degree. Drahmann Center Adviser are also available to advise pre-major student-athletes. Whenever necessary, Drahmann advisors working with student-athletes will collaborate with Dana, so that athletic priorities are considered. 

Need academic guidance?
Email Dana and request a one on one meeting! 
Contact Dana at

We collaborate with faculty

Once student-athletes declare an academic major, they are encouraged to meet primarily with their faculty advisor, but they may continue to be advised within Athletics through graduation.

Tutorial Services are available to all students.
Student-athletes who desire regular assistance in specific courses receive tutoring through the Drahmann Tutoring Center: click here to go to the link

Tutors are free of charge for all SCU undergraduates and are available for only lower division coursework.

As you adjust to SCU, we provide the Assigned Study Program.
In order to facilitate a smooth transition from high school to Santa Clara University, the Assigned Study Program is available to all new student-athletes as well as for select continuing students. This program targets the following key objectives: 

- Helps student-athletes determine how much they will need to study to succeed at SCU, when and where they study best, and how to study to maximize sleep at night.

- Puts student-athletes in regular proximity to their academic advisor within Athletics, which helps build this relationship.

- Introduces student-athletes to the Drahmann Tutoring Center as well as the HUB writing center.

Our Broncos have recently claimed the following high honors:
- Valedictorian (click here for story on Ashley Armstrong)

- WCC Post-graduate Scholar (click here for story on Ashley Armstrong)

- NCAA Post-graduate Scholar (click here for story on Tanya Schmidt and here for the story on Stephen Hobbs)

- Rhodes Scholar (click here for story on Noelle Lopez)

NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program
In 1991, the NCAA Foundation initiated efforts to create a total development program. Through the collaborative efforts of the NCAA Foundation and the Division 1-A Athletic Directors' Association, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program (Challenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success) was created.

Mission: ". . . provide educational experience and services in order to develop well-balanced lifestyles for student-athletes; to encourage growth in decision-making, planning and fulfillment of career and life goals; and to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the university setting."

Santa Clara University is an affiliated member of the WCC and the NCAA I-AAA. In accordance with the purpose and mission of the NCAA, the WCC, and the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, the Bronco Academic Support Services mirrors these efforts by providing a number of services and programs annually. Programs may include:

- Resume Writing for the Student-Athlete

- “Better than Adderall,” a series of workshops on smart sleep, smart reading and smart studying.