Deering Provides Relief for Men's Baseball

By Kaitlin Fuelling, '13 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Recently, (SCB) sat down with Max Deering (MD), to talk about his time with the Broncos.  The junior left-handed pitcher shared some of his experiences, insights into the game and what he is looking forward to about this season.  

SCB: Growing up, what positions did you play?  
I grew up pitching, playing all three-outfield positions, and a little first base. 

SCB: When did you start to become a relief pitcher?
I started pitching in relief my junior year of high school. 

SCB: How does the stress of being a relief pitcher differ from being a starting pitcher? Is there a difference?
As a starting pitcher, you are expected to set the tone for the team and the rest of the pitchers.  You do this by staying down in the zone and keeping your pitch count efficient.  Coming out of the bullpen can be a little more stressful. Usually you come into a tight game with runners on base and you're expected to not give up any runs. 

SCB: If you could play in any ballpark in the country, which one would it be?
Wrigley field hands down. Growing up my grandfather was a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, so I learned a lot about the history of the stadium.  I've had the opportunity to go to a handful of games at Wrigley and the atmosphere is unmatched.    

SCB: What is something you have learned from being a student-athlete at Santa Clara University?
First and foremost I've learned how to manage my time effectively. We spend a lot of time at the field whether it be preparing for practice or games, or the practices and games themselves. I've also learned that many of the things our coaches have instilled in us are not just important for baseball, but for life after college.   

SCB: Is there a team in particular you are looking forward to playing against or ballpark to play at?
I'm excited for our road trip to Cincinnati. I played summer ball in western Pennsylvania, and my host family is making the trip to see us play in Cincinnati, so I'm looking forward to seeing them.  

SCB: How do you train in the off-season and summer?
Our coaches do a great job of outlining a lifting schedule for us over the summer. I basically follow that outline and do whatever is needed to keep my arm in shape.   

SCB: What do you do for your pre-game routine?
I get to the field around the same time, go through a series of stretches to get my arm loose, we go through a breathing exercise as a team, and then check-in on the right field foul line. Check-in is a time to leave all of our off the field worries off the field, so we can be 100% focused on the game for the remainder of the day. I finish our check-in by praying that both teams stay safe, thanking God for the opportunity to play the beautiful game of baseball and for any loved ones who may be struggling with anything.  

SCB: Do you have a particular player you look up to or professional team to watch? 
I grew up a fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. I look up to fellow southpaw Clayton Kershaw.  

Come support Deering and the Broncos as they take on BYU Cougars tonight at Stephen Schott Stadium at 6pm!