August 10, 2010

Trasolini Reflects on European Tour

Written by Monica Griffith '10

After participating in a two week long European exhibition tour as part of Canada's Developmental Men's National Team, junior Marc Trasolini reflects on his experience, what he learned, and why he's looking forward to donning a Bronco jersey once again.

SCU: Describe your experience playing with the Canadian Developmental Men's National Team. How often do you practice? Do you lift weights? What's your pre-game routine like?

Marc Trasolini: It was an amazing experience.  Got to experience 4 amazing countries, play against some of the top competition in the world and learn a lot about playing international and professional basketball.  A typical day was practicing for an hour in the morning then weights after that. Then we usually had lunch and a mid-day nap or hanging out in the hotel.  Then we had a longer, more intense practice at night. So it was definitely grueling. Game days we had shootaround in the morning and sometimes weights after that. Then same kind of thing mid day and got to the game early, got shots in, etc.

SCU: What is your favorite on-court memory from your experience playing with Canada this summer?

Definitely our last game against Team Spain.  Their whole starting lineup featured NBA players (Calderon, Fernandez, Marc Gasol, Rubio, Navarro and Garbajosa). The gym was packed and it was kind of like playing in an NBA game with all the talent on the floor. Even though we got blown out, we played against one of the top teams in the world and saw the level the best players in the world play at.

SCU: How about your favorite off court memory?

Probably our last night in Amsterdam. Got the opportunity to get out and experience the night life in one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the world. It was definitely a long and crazy night with lots of memories!

SCU: What is the biggest difference between competing for Canada and competing for Santa Clara?

I'd say just the difference in game styles is a lot different.  Everything is a lot faster and the offenses are much different.

SCU: What do you feel is the most important thing you learned from this experience that you are going to carry with you into your upcoming junior season with the Broncos?

I feel like I learned so much.  Getting some great experience that I can carry over will be great and seeing how hard you have to work to perform at the highest level will also be very important for me and the team next year.

SCU: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Get ready for a great season! Go Broncos!