"Traz Tid-Bits" Takes on Vancouver! First up: Capilano Suspension Bridge

Click here to watch the Broncos Climb the Bridge!

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The Santa Clara University men's basketball is on a foreign tour in Vancouver, Canada this week. It will play four times and today - the first day of the trip - the Bronco basketball team did a little sight-seeing.

Seniors Phillip Bach and Marc Trasolini pose with some treats in the gift shop (right).


In the second installment of "Traz Tid-Bits" we find the Broncos crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The team found out a few players were pretty scared prior to crossing, but made it back safe and sound.

Santa Clara used today as a travel day and one to sight-see a bit.  This evening the team will walk down to the water-front for dinner before retiring early.  Their first game is tomorrow night!

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