ON LIVE TV (internet): Bronco Basketball Continues Trip with Game at Fraser Valley Tonight

ON LIVE TV (internet): Bronco Basketball Continues Trip with Game at Fraser Valley Tonight

Click here to watch Santa Clara's game vs. Fraser Valley

Santa Clara will play its third game of its foreign tour at Fraser Valley tonight at 7 pm.  The game will be shown on the internet with live stats as well. (sorry for the late notice - we just found out for sure).

Bronco assistant coach Dustin Kerns was the head coach last night. Tonight Bronco assistant coach James Ware will get his crack at being the head coach.  Ware is in his fourth year as a Bronco assistant coach.

Ware's team is his team from the Amazing Race yesterday. They are starting tonight: Nick Lamson, Niyi Harrison, Evan Roquemore, John McArthur and Denzel Johnson.

The photo to the right includes Kerns, Ware, assistant coach Sam Scholl and Director of Basketball Operations Jesse Pruitt.  

Bronco head coach Kerry Keating said this last night of the assistants acting as the head coach.  

 "It was great. It was awesome to be able to talk to the team more and help teach them. We are here to learn and get better. We have a lot of young guys out there. We are able to put some guys in positions we wouldn't be able to do if we weren't here," said Keating. "The practices and the trip have been great. The trip is the reward for those 10 hard practices in Santa Clara. In the last few days they have done a great job of taking advantage of everything: team bonding, learning about the city, everything. We have a lot of guys left to play in our last two games. I am excited about what will come out of this trip when we get home to digest it."

"It's learning experience for everybody. I am trying to get better and removing myself from being the head coach is helping.  Sam Scholl will be the head coach Saturday."