Bronco Basketball Bigs Behind the Scenes Video from Vancouver

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The Bronco basketball team returned to the Bay Area late Saturday night. Prior to returning, the team defeated the University of British Columbia earlier in the day and finished its foreign tour 2-2 with three of the games finishing with overtime.  

After the victory, the Bronco Bigs collected in the back of the bus to talk basketball, about each other including Robert Garrett's dancing ability and sense of humor, for Yannick Atanga's French lesson for the team and what John McArthur thinks is important on the defensive end of the floor.

Prepare to laugh - these guys claim they got SWAG!  And they really enjoy being together. They play hard together on the court and are learning everyday; and off the court - everyone loves a good laugh on this team! 

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Note: Rob's video has been viewed over 2,100 times! If you haven't seen it - please watch it now! Photo from his ziplining is to the right.

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