Ian Crutchlow Shines Light on Rowing at SCU

Ian Crutchlow Shines Light on Rowing at SCU

Written By Student Assistant Linnea Lico '15 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Ian Crutchlow (IC) sat with Santa Clara Bronco (SCB) and talked about his experience rowing at SCU and how that opened doors to his unique college experience.

SCB: How did you get started in rowing?

IC: I got started in rowing by attending the club fair at SCU during the first few weeks of school. I knew I wanted to continue doing some kind of sport but I also wanted to try something new, and men's rowing gave me that opportunity. After attending a few of the rowing meetings and getting to know some of the other freshmen, I started practicing with the team.
SCB: Can you describe the most ideal place to row?
IC: I think the most ideal place to row would be a really long lake so that we could practice longer distance pieces as well as short sprints. It would also have to have very little wind and no water currents, basically somewhere with ideal rowing conditions.
SCB: How has your college experience been so far? And how do you feel rowing has
enriched it?
IC: So far I have had an amazing college experience. The education at SCU has been phenomenal because of the great professors and interesting courses. The social life at SCU has also been great. I've had many opportunities to meet people with different backgrounds and experiences than my own. Rowing enhanced my social experience because it allowed me to get close to group of friends that help me enjoy college life. 

SCB: What drew you to come to Santa Clara?

IC: Initially I was drawn to SCU because I saw that the university had a unique attitude towards learning that I thought would work for me. I liked the small class sizes and personalized education. Also, having lived in Santa Clara my whole life, I thought I would be most comfortable staying in the community.
SCB:  What advice would you give to incoming freshmen joining the rowing team?
IC:  For incoming freshmen that already have previous rowing experience, they will already mostly know what to expect, but I would say since they are still joining a new team, they should be humble and accept their new teammates with open arms. Try not to be hard-headed especially if things are different from your previous rowing experiences. For incoming freshmen without rowing experience, I would say stay committed, and always know that your teammates are willing to give 110% if you are. And always keep the end goal in mind, because conditioning and the daily grind are rarely going to be fun, but it's worth the hard work in the end.  
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