VIDEO: EyeBronco Checks In With SCU Professor Michael Whalen; Documentary Premieres Monday on KQED-Plus

Note: Santa Clara Broncos, as part of its EyeBronco project, is beginning a series of interviews with Santa Clara Professors, Club Teams and More.  Watch weekly for new videos!

With his latest documentary set to be broadcast Monday night, Santa Clara Associate Communication Professor Michael Whalen caught up on camera with Santa Clara Broncos John Nash, a member of EyeBroncos, to talk about his documentary, A Question of Habit, his time working with COPS on Fox and what he loves about Santa Clara soccer.

Click here for John Nash's Video Interview with Professor Whalen

Note: Whalen's latest documentary, A Question of Habit, will air on KQED-Plus (the old KTEH) on Monday, July 30 at 10pm.  The documentary looks at America's fascination with nuns in popular culture and how this obsession has distorted the real history of women religious in the US.

Click here for the link to the film's website.

Click here for the story on about Whalen, the documentary and more!


Go Broncos!