Bronco Soccer Comes Together From All Over The World

Bronco Soccer Comes Together From All Over The World

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The Bronco men's soccer team has finalized the 2013 roster adding players from all over the world to their already diverse list.

"We go all over the country and all over the world to try to blend a team that we think will become the most capable for competing for championships," said Bronco head coach Cameron Rast. "In general, we look to blend our group and a lot of the time different backgrounds will not only provide a different level of skill and athleticism but culturally they will bring different personalitites to the team that you want in your group."

EYEBRONCO caught up with the men and discovered seven different languages are spoken among the team. We asked a few of the players to tell us a little about their background and answer a few questions in a fun video.

Those included are:

Harrison Hanley and Kendall McIntosh - English

Carl Carrwik - Swedish

David Torres, Cesar Rocha and Edson Cardona - Spanish

Glenn Vass - German

Dylan Autran and Steve Eneme - French

Pasha Hashemi - Farsi

Keigo Kameya and Haru Kent - Japanese

Written and Produced by Lauren Matheson '13, Sports Assistant