Dylan Autran’s Experience Playing Bronco Soccer

Dylan Autran’s Experience Playing Bronco Soccer

Written By Student Assistant Linnea Lico '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Dylan Autran (DA) discusses with Santa Clara Bronco (SCB) his transition to becoming a Bronco and his experience playing for the team.

SCB:  How was your experience transitioning from high school soccer to college?

DA: My senior year I didn't play soccer for my high school as I played in the Academy system, which doesn't allow you to play high school soccer. However, my transition from academy to college was pretty smooth given most of my academy teammates were at the DI level and we were lucky enough to have Coach Yamamoto as our head coach as he is also one of the best college coaches in the country and a coach here at Santa Clara. 

SCB: What goals do you have for the upcoming season?

DA: Well first off we need to win the WCC and then after that we'll see. We always have pretty high ambitions here at Santa Clara and this year we're pretty confident in the squad we have. 

SCB: What specific skills does one need to play the position of midfielder?

DA: You need to have pretty decent endurance especially when playing in the middle. Other than that you need to be pretty confident on the ball and have good awareness of your teammates, the opponent and your own positioning on the field. 

SCB: What is something we don't know about the Bronco soccer team? 

DA: Maybe people don't realize how internationally we recruit. Almost a third of our team is foreign and have come from all over the world in places like Asia, Europe and even Africa.  

SCB: What is your most memorable moment from your first year on the soccer team?

DA: Probably my first game against Cal Poly. I just remember it feeling a bit unreal because I'd pictured that moment a thousand times in my head and finally I was playing in a college game. 
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