European Road Rules

European Road Rules

July 17, 2005

Entry 3: Tournament Updates.

Hey everyone at home! The last two weeks I've been very busy with tennis. Two weeks ago I played my first tennis tournament and it went very well. I had a very bad draw as I played the No. 8 seed right off the bat. In the match I was very nervous and started down 1-5 love-40, but when I started to get rid of the nerves I came back to win the set 7-5 and was very pumped. I ended up losing the second set 5-7 but ended up on top in the third and final set 6-2. The next round I had a pretty easy match where I won 5-0 ret. because the guy didn't want to play anymore. The next round was the quarters where I played the guy who beat the No. 1 seed. I was a little tired this day because of the matches before and I didn't have enough to win and lost 6-7 4-6.

The rest of the week I trained both sections and worked very hard on getting back into things after a long tournament. On the weekend I got to go see the Olympic Stadium and also got to see where the king and queen use to live in their castle. On Saturday night, I saw a movie with my friend Martin and we found the only movie theater in Barcelona that played English movies. On Sunday we just relaxed, as I had another tournament the next day.

On Monday I had an even worse draw than before, where I played the same guy I lost to the tournament before and he was seeded sixth in this tournament. I ended up playing a lot better this match but came up a little short and lost 4-6 6-4 5-7. The rest of the week I trained and worked hard on my backhand, because me and my coaches felt that if my backhand was better then I would have won the match. This weekend we went to the beach and just watched more CSI on my DVD player. I hope everyone is doing well at home and I hope everyone is having a good summer.