Quotes - Santa Clara at USF


Head coach George Husack, on match: "Every conference match is big. You can throw out the records when you play matches like this and we were able to get a key win up here. The guys have really been able to focus and show excellent mental strength during this current streak and they showed that again today."

Husack, on expectations: "We have high expectations of ourselves and we will accept nothing less than strong performances. Every player wants to help the team win and no one wants to let down their teammates. The team has really stepped up to face these high expectations."

Senior Bobby Rasmussen, on win: "It was just another good day for us out there. Playing at the Olympic Club against a good opponent like USF is never easy and we played tough and got it done."

Rasmussen, on mental challenges: "We have had some big mental challenges this year and today was another one. We had been rained out twice while playing them so we had to get ourselves prepared again to play them. Everyone responded well though and we ground out another win."

Rasmussen, on big wins this year: "We have gotten a lot of confidence-building wins this year. Beating Arizona and Irvine on the road gave us a boost and then getting that close one against Hawai'i was important. Beating Saint Mary's and USF back-to-back on the road are two more big ones."