DAY 2 and 3: ITA Regional Tournament at Stanford University Results and Schedule

By Rico Chow, '12

Note: ITA Northwest Regional Tournament has decided to cancel most of the Sunday matches due to the weather. All matches are postponed accordingly.

All consolation matches are abandoned due to the new schedule after cancelling the Sunday matches.

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SANTA CLARA Calif. - The Bronco men's tennis team played five singles and six doubles matches in ITA Northwest Regional Tournament at Stanford University on Sat., Oct.16 and Sun., Oct.17. With four singles victories and four doubles victories, the Broncos were undefeated in both singles and doubles consolation matches. 

The No. 1 Bronco player Kyle Dandan, seeded No. 17, has not lost a single set in both singles and doubles. He is the only Bronco to proceed to the round of 32 in ITA Men's Singles by defeating No. 9 seed Denis Lin (7-6, 3-6, 6-3) of Stanford. His next opponent is No. 3 seed JvnNedunchezhiyan, of Washington, and they are playing on Monday for the ticket to the quarterfinals.

John Lamble lost to Stanford No. 1 seeded Ryan Thacher (6-1, 6-2).

In doubles, Dandan and his partner Nico Vinel advanced to the quarterfinals after having a three-matches winning streak against the University of Oregon (8-6), Stanford University (8-3) and Sacramento State (8-3). They will play against California's No. 4 seed Chris Konigsfldt and Nick Andrews on Monday for the ticket to the semifinals.

The winning consolation matches were two in singles: Keith Kamono, defeating a player from Stanford, and Eugene Muchynski, defeating a No. 17 seed; and the doubles team of John Lamble and Maxime Armengaud.  See results below.

Coming Match Schedule on Monday, October 18
ITA Men' Singles -- Round of 16

  • SCU Kyle Dandan [No. 17 seeded] vs. UW JvnNedunchezhiyan [No. 3 seeded] Mon. 11:30AM

ITA Men's Doubles Round of 16

  • SCU Kyle Dandan & Nico Vinel [No. 9 seeded] vs.
    CAL Chris Konigsfldt & Nick Andrews [No.4 seeded] Mon. 9AM

Results on Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 17.
ITA Men's Singles -- Round of 32
Kyle Dandan def. ST Denis Lin 7-6(4); 3-6;6-3
ST Ryan Thacher def. SCU John Lamble 6-1;6-2

ITA Men's Consolation Singles 1st Round
SCU Keith Kamono def. GON Muzeen Ismath 6-3;6-2

ITA Men's Consolation Singles 2nd Round
SCU Keith Kamono def. ST Fawaz Hourani 6-4;6-3
UW Martin Kildahl def. SCU Eugene Muchynski 6-4;6-3

ITA Men's Doubles -- Round of 16
SCU Kyle Dandan/Nico Vinel def. SAC Kiryl Harbatsiuk / Marko Starkevic 8-3

ITA Men's Doubles -- Round of 32
SCU Kyle Dandan/Nico Vinel def. ST Fawaz Hourani/Sam Ecker 8-3
SAC AliaksandrMalko/SAC Javier Millan def.
SCU John Lamble/Maxime Armengaud 8-6

ITA Men's Doubles -- Round of 64
SCU John Lamble/Maxime Armengaud def. OR Jose Izquierdo/Sho Higuchi 8-5
CAL Carlos Cueto/Jonathan Dahan def. SCU Eugene Muchynski/Tom Pham 8-2
SCU Kyle Dandan/Nico Vinel def. OR DncnMcDonaldKorth/Doug Mayeda 8-6

ITA Men's Consolation Doubles 1st Round
John Lamble/SCU Maxime Armengaud def. SM Sherif Hamdy/Steven Dawson

Abandoned Matches
ITA Men's Singles Consolation– 3rd Round
SCU Keith Kamono vs. OR Baptiste Faynot [seeded] Abandoned

ITA Men's Doubles Consolation–  1st Round
SCU Eugene Muchynski & SCU Tom Pham vs. SM Sherif Hamdy & Steven Dawson Abandoned

ITA Men's DoublesConsolation–  2nd Round
SCU John Lamble & SCU Maxime Armengaud vs. DAV Jack Horowitz & Josh Albert Abandoned