James Rude Making a Splash His Freshman Year for the Broncos

James Rude Making a Splash His Freshman Year for the Broncos

By: Jessica Shusko '15

Freshman James Rude has been having a great season here on the Mission campus for the men's water polo team. The utility player has started every game for the team and has helped make key plays in the games. The Southern California native played topnotch water polo in high school, but he explains how different playing Division I college water polo is from playing Division I high school water polo.

SCB: What helped you decide to come to school here at Santa Clara?
JR: What helped me to decide on coming to school at Santa Clara was all of the team unity, the great education and it was just where I felt like I belonged.

SCB: How has your first season with the Broncos been going?
JR: My first season has been good, but we have had a lot of up's and down's as the season's been going on, but I feel like we are getting better with every game we play and we will end our season on a positive note.

SCB: Is playing Division I college water polo different than what you expected?
JR: It is a lot different then I expected. I came in thinking I wasn't going to have a lot of time, and it turned out I had less time than I imagined. It's difficult to balance everything but I have gotten better about it as I've gotten more into the school year.

SCB: So far, you have started every game for the Broncos, are tied for fourth in goals scored, and are second in assists. Did you expect to see so much success in your freshman year?
JR: I didn't know what to expect when I came to play at Santa Clara. I didn't even imagine that I was going to start so I am actually really surprised with my performance and how much I have grown in just a year.

SCB: Did you set any goals for yourself going into this season? How have you fulfilled them?
JR: I didn't have any real set goals except to work as hard as I can in practice and in games. I believe that I am fulfilling my goal to the best of my ability.

SCB: What is one thing you have learned playing for the Broncos?
JR: One thing I have learned playing with the Broncos is how important it is to have team unity in and out of the pool and how much of a difference it makes when everyone has the same goal in mind.