Women's Basketball

All I Want For Christmas...

Dec. 15, 2001

As Santa is checking his list, he's finding the women's basketball team has been very nice, especially after a 75-65 victory at Fresno State. On the way back to the Bay Area, the travel party contemplated what it was going to ask friends and family for as the holiday draws near.

Freshman guard Quinn Thomas -- I would like some DVDs and clothes for Christmas. And some money.

Freshman forward Kim Butler -- A bright, shiny red bicycle.

Junior forward Julie Butler -- Lots and lots of money... 'cause I'm broke.

Senior guard Caroline Gruening -- I already got my Christmas present. My mom treated me to a massage and a pedicure. It was great!

Junior guard Jennifer Bradley -- Clothes are always good.

Junior forward Tammy Annas -- Money and DVDs.

Sophomore forward Jennie Rondel -- A white Christmas.

Junior forward Kendra Rhea -- Clothes. And money never hurts!

Freshman guard Kayla Huss -- I want to sleep in my own bed.

Senior guard Becki Ashbaugh -- I just asked for movies.

RS Freshman guard Megan Nelson -- I want world peace.

Sophomore guard Alex Gientke -- Ben Affleck on a new surfboard.

Junior forward Courtney Cushing -- A new right ankle.

Head Coach Chris Denker -- Although I won't get this before March, I want a healthy baby boy.

Assistant coach Jeff Dow -- A mock turtleneck. Forrest green. One from Macy's would be sufficient.

Assistant coach Benita Martin -- A 9-2 record with wins over Temple and Portland State.

Assistant coach Jennie Leander -- A boy toy!

Athletic trainer Lisa Lawrence -- I would like my own pair of SCU basketball sweats!

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