Women's Basketball in the Middle of Spring Workouts

Women's Basketball in the Middle of Spring Workouts

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. – After winning the most games in a season under head coach Jennifer Mountain, Santa Clara women's basketball is in the middle of spring workouts. Spring workouts are a time to focus on conditioning and working on areas that need improvement.

Workouts are broken down into small groups that focus on different activities. Monday and Wednesday there is individual group that is broken down into groups to focus on areas that need improvement. Tuesday and Thursday there is individual weight lifting and conditioning. Friday the team does different activities to keep things interesting and keep the body from breaking down. So far activities have included flag football and indoor soccer.

"The spring workouts are going great," said Mountain. "We are putting in a lot of effort individually and getting better in some of the areas that are going to help us moving forward. We are implementing a lot more athletic moves and working on our overall fitness. The spring is really the time to work on deficiencies and work on some things we want to implement in the fall. We now have summer to work with the players as well so it changes things a little bit. We no longer have to do too much too fast. [Strength and conditioning coach] Cory [Schlesinger] has done a great job in the conditioning part. We're in a really good place. The mindset of the group is really good and I'm excited to see us transform and keep moving forward."

The spring can be a bit unusual for a team. The seniors are no longer working out with the team and the incoming freshman haven't arrived so the team is smaller than normal. It also gives players a chance to step into new leadership roles and establish the team-leaders for the upcoming season.

"Everybody has stepped up," said Mountain. "It's a weird transition without the seniors because your team is smaller. They're still around for a while but they aren't in that conditioning part. Everybody's mindset is just on themselves and getting better, whether it's weight-room stuff, speed stuff or any area they need to improve. Everyone has different areas to work on and everybody has embraced that. All the players are making progress and have great attitudes."