Annie Freman Loves Golfing in the Santa Clara Community

Written by Student Assistant Genre McAtee

Playing on the Santa Clara women's golf team takes up a lot of Anne Freman's (AF) time, but she still finds ways to be a contributing member of her society between practices.

SCU: What do you love most about golfing?

AF: The opportunities it gives me. And being able to represent the school and compete at a top level doing something I absolutely love.


SCU: Is golf at Santa Clara exactly what you expected?

AF: Golf at Santa Clara exceeds my expectations on all levels. The weather is good, the coach is great and my teammates are family. 


SCU: How this season is going? Are there any unexpected hurdles?

AF: The season is great! We are playing really well! No hurdles except the occasional ones in between our ears.


SCU: Is it hard to balance golf with everything else in your life, such as your education, faith and volunteer work?

AF: It is hard to balance all of those things with golf. I obviously haven't been as involved in the community as I'd like to be... but the team is involved with an after school athletic program with a couple of elementary schools nearby. I haven't gone to church as much as I should, but going to a religious school has definitely still kept God and my faith in the forefront of my mind always.