Checking In With Annie Freman

Checking In With Annie Freman

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Las Vegas native Annie Freman (AF) set the bar high for herself, having one of the most decorated freshman seasons in Bronco women's golf history. On top of her winning accolades, Freman was named 2014 WCC Freshman of the Year. Freman hopes to build off of her success last season as she continues her career at SCU. (SCB) caught up with Freman to see what she has been up to this summer!

SCB: Do you have any big plans this summer?

AF: Aside from traveling across the country for golf tournaments, the only big plan I have this summer is hopefully getting a driver's license. Not many people know this about me, but I'm 19-years-old with no driver's license. Even though it's not funny, especially to those who have to chauffeur me around, I plan on getting it this summer and paying off any driving debts I owe anyone!  

SCB: What is your usual go-to summer workout?

AF: I usually get up at 5 am to workout, since the gym is still cool and empty. I jump rope to loosen up and then I get right into the workout Sherman gave us over summer. I finish with a couple exercises for my forearm and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

SCB: Are you playing in any tournaments this summer?

AF: I'm playing about six events this summer that are typically qualifiers for bigger tournaments.

SCB: Is there anything you are trying to work on this summer before this next next school year begins?

AF: I'm really just tuning up my swing and making small changes that will hopefully improve and lower my scores for the upcoming season!

SCB: Have you set any goals for the up coming season yet? 

AF: My goals for this season is to shoot more consistent low scores, and with that hopefully comes better finishes in tournaments!

SCB: Do you play any casual rounds of golf with your friends during the summer?

AF: Sometimes I play some golf with a few of my old teammates from high school, but generally I just play by myself.