Post Match Quotes

Sept. 28, 2001

Recap| Box Score

On the game
The positive thing is we scored five goals and won the game. Had it not been for outstanding play from the SMU goalkeeper (Erin McLeod) we would have scored several more goals. She was fantastic. Actually, one of the best goalkeepers we've ever played against. Certainly the best so far this year. So a lot of credit to her, and credit to our team for creating a lot of good chances, particularly in the second half. I was very disappointed in our defending of the corner kicks. Both the goals we allowed were corner kick goals and we just didn't show any determination in going after the ball on the corner kicks. And that was very disappointing for me. It's something we'll have to work on, but a lot of positive things today... the team moved the ball really well, a lot of players contributed. It's good to get Kristi Candau back healthy, she really made a big difference in the game today. I think the whole team played well. We're still missing some players, Devvyn (Hawkins) is still not with us and Jaclyn Campi was not available to us today due to injury, EJ (Erin Sharpe) got her first full game. She played pretty well. It's going to be a good competition between her and Alyssa Sobolik. We've got two goalies we feel good about playing with. A lot of positive things came out of our game today... hopefully we can put it together again on Sunday against San Diego State. They always play us tough so that will be a good game for us."

On changing the lineup
"We feel like we have 16 players that anyone of them can play. It's good to change things up every now and again and create some good competition. One of the things we're experimenting with a little bit is our midfield. With missing Devvyn for the last couple of weeks, it's taken us a while to sort that out, but I feel good about what we have going there. Devvyn will come back to the team next week and when she does, we'll reinsert her back there and she'll make us an even stronger team. She's clearly one of the best players on our team. The reason for the adjustments on the lineup are just to do with tinkering and still trying to find out what works best for us, or, are there two or three things that work well for us."

On Aly Wagner to Leslie Osborne successful combination the last three matches
"Aly can serve the ball on a dime. And Leslie, if she has a little bit of room, she's lethal with her head. Not only did she score the goal, but the go-ahead goal was Aly to Leslie and then the goalie saved it and we followed it in. So they also created that goal. Great combination there."