At the Car Wash

On Sunday, April 6, the women's soccer team held a car wash to raise money for a preseason trip to Italy. Senior-to-be and team captain Kristi Candau shares some insights on the day's adventures.

Our original idea was to try and entice customers by saying that we were holding a bikini car wash. There was one slight problem however; it was cloudy, cold and on the verge of raining. Bikinis did occasionally emerge from time to time when the sun poked out but they didn't last long.

The team came in waves to wash cars, hold signs on El Camino Real and socialize with the customers. We had a few early birds arrive right as we opened including, Head Trainer Mike Cembellin. Stuft Pizza also arrived early, bringing pizza to those who were working as well as a very generous donation of $100.

As the day went on the team tried to spice things up a little bit by getting into the occasional water fight. Some started accidentally with the hose spraying innocent bystanders, while other were outright attacks on specific people. One of the most unruly of our teammates was none other than little Veronica Zepeda. Veronica not only went after teammates, but she even went after some customers with sponges.

We were happy with the turnout and even happier with the near $600 that the carwash brought in, however we think that with better weather we could have better success. As a result we hope to have another carwash, but we would make this one a little bit more fun by adding a BBQ as well.

Thanks to everyone that made it this time and hopefully we'll see them again and they can tell a friend.