Creighton Quotes

Nov. 15, 2002

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Creighton Head Coach Bruce Erickson
"They're as good an attacking team as I think that we have seen that we have seen all year. I don't think that we played quite the way that I thought that we would."

When asked about his game plan
"They play with no outside mids so we wanted to be able to win balls and play into that space. By the end of the game we started to really get involved into that space that we wanted to.

"We have played teams as talented as them, but they don't play this way; they don't put a whole game together like this."

Jaimie Thompson, Goal Keeper
"We have played teams that have been really great at defense, or attacking or strong in the midfield, but it a team like Santa Clara that combines all three on the field to put it at you."

When asked about the intimidation of playing Santa Clara
"After watching the selection show, there was the initial thirty seconds that we were petrified. After that thirty seconds, everybody thought that in conference we had the skill and the upper hand, but I think that this is the first time that our ladies really got together and put their hearts into it."

Regina Moench, Forward
"On one hand I am really happy that we got the experience to play this game because now we know what level we have to be at next year, we know what kind of game we have to play to be able to get to the championship. But on the other hand I am really sad because we could have played a lot different, we should have played a lot different."