Postgame Quotes

Aug. 25, 2006

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Head Coach Jerry Smith:

On the game:
"I think a lot of new players had an impact for us in the game tonight. Katherine certainly was the most dangerous player on the field, and Kiki was constantly the second-most dangerous player on the field, so both of those players had a tremendous impact. But I also think that Chioma Igwe won a lot of balls for us in the midfield and Hillary Schwarzbach stepped in at right-back and did a nice job. So, we had a lot of new blood contributing to our team today, and that's always good to see early in the season."

On the depth of the team, with eight new players and underclassmen in the starting lineup:
"We have good depth, and we were probably missing six or seven of our starters, with Jordan Angeli, Amanda Poach, and Tina Estrada not in the game. With so many regular players missing from our team, to come out and shut out a good Wake Forest team and play as well as we did absolutely speaks to the depth of the team."

Freshman Midfielder Katherine Reynolds:

On her first collegiate goal:
"I was just very excited, and when I was dribbling all I was thinking was `I gotta score this, I gotta score!' and after I scored I just figured, hey, good start!"

"It definitely gave me confidence for the rest of the game, and probably for the rest of the season."