Women's Soccer Ready for Spring Match vs. San Jose State

Women's Soccer Ready for Spring Match vs. San Jose State

Video interview with head coach Jerry Smith and freshman Katie Speidel.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Coming off of a 3-0 win over the semi-professional Sacramento Storm, Santa Clara women's soccer will play its third spring match Sun., April 22 at 7 p.m. vs. San Jose State at Buck Shaw Stadium.

"We will be looking to work on several things against San Jose State this weekend," said head coach Jerry Smith. "Building out of the back has been a big concern for us. We've seen a little improvement there but I would like to see a lot more improvement. Defensively we haven't done a great job of pressing teams so we are really going to try and press San Jose State. When we played the Spartans in the fall we won the game but we really struggled against their offside trap. That's something we don't see a lot of so we struggled against it but hopefully we'll be a little bit better against it in this spring game."

Against the Storm, Sofia Huerta kicked off the scoring in the 15th minute off an assist from Meleana Shim to put Santa Clara up 1-0. Just out of halftime, in the 47th minute, Katie Speidel scored an unassisted goal to extend the lead to 2-0. Sarah Jackson scored the Broncos' third and final goal in the 75th minute on a double assist from Alyssa Kleiner and Huerta.

"First of all we had a shutout and scored three goals against a team with a lot of talent on it," said Smith. "Cleary, in this game, the better team won. They had some players that were more talented but as a team we played well. There were times in the game where I thought we made the smart decisions. We knew we would be younger, fitter and more athletic so I challenged the team to not solve all the problems just athletically, but to figure it out technically and tactically. I thought we did a pretty good job of that."