Catching Up with Whitney Cohen

Catching Up with Whitney Cohen

Written by EYEBRONCO reporter, Kendra Cavaney '15

Eager Whitney Cohen (WC) is excited to step on the field and play for Santa Clara women's soccer. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) got the chance to ask Cohen some questions and see how her summer is going.

SCB: How is your summer so far? What have you been doing?  

WC: My summer has been good so far! I spent the majority of it training and trying to make sure that I was as prepared as I could be for camp in August.  

SCB: What is one thing you're looking forward to here at Santa Clara? 

WC: I'm really looking forward to being in a completely new environment and meeting new people.I'm also excited to be on my own and be independent. 

SCB: Why did you choose SCU?  

WC: Soccer was obviously a huge part of why I chose Santa Clara, but another part of it was the people. Everyone (the coaches, players, etc.) was so nice and welcoming and they really made me feel comfortable. I could tell that Santa Clara was the place I wanted to be within five minutes of stepping on campus. 

SCB: Any goals as a player for your first college season?

WC: During my first college season one of my goals is to learn as much as I possibly can. Not only from the coaches, but from the players as well. Another one of my goals is to contribute to the team in any way that I can.