Mariana Galvan: Back in the Game

Mariana Galvan: Back in the Game

Written by Student Assistant Linnea Lico 

Mariana Galvan (MG) talked with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about her experience playing soccer at SCU her freshman year. Coming back from an injury proved a trying time for Galvan. Now she is back and ready to play and support her school, including working at Bronco summer camps.

SCB: How did you injure your knee, and how did it affect the rest of your year?

MG: I tore my ACL in the beginning of pre-season against Iowa State. An opponent came from the back as I was receiving a ball from Allie Vernon. It affected me by forcing me to stay off the field for a few months, not being able to play the sport I live for and be with my teammates. I was very sad and angry at the same time. I was at loss for words, but it happens in sports. I learned to get over it and become stronger physically and mentally. My teammates always found ways to motivate me and helped me get through it. 

SCB: How has your freshman year been for you overall so far?

MG: It was a very nerve-wracking but fun year all at the same time. I did not know what to expect or who I was going to meet. I'm very glad that I chose Santa Clara, I love everything about it. Overall, I have had some great experiences and memories with the people here. 

SCB: What made you decide to play soccer?

MG: Before I started playing soccer, I used to figure-skate; two totally different sports. I felt that I was a very active child who preferred to kick a ball around. I always enjoyed playing with my cousins and from there I decided to drop ice skating and continue with soccer. Soccer has impacted my future a lot. I have had some great opportunities everywhere. 

SCB: What made you decide to work the summer camp at SCU? 

MG: I enjoy giving back to such a great community that supports the Broncos during and after the season. I love to play with younger kids for fun and to help them improve to improve their game. Being able to watch them develop skills and inspire them has been my favorite part about summer camps

SCB: Tell us something we don't know about the soccer team.
MG: We have a team that is very enthusiastic. We love to be loud and like to sing everywhere we go. Before games, we blast loud music in our locker room and get in a circle. We go around dancing and copying everyone's dance move at a time. We make every little chance as fun as we can!