Looking Forward to 2011

Looking Forward to 2011

Santa Clara, Calif. - The Bronco women's tennis team drove to San Luis Obispo last week only to turn around a few hours later because the rain canceled all play at the Hidden Dual Tournament.  The tournament will not be rescheduled, which marks the end of all pre-season play.

Although the Broncos' fall season ended in an anti-climactic fashion, all the pre-season tournaments served the team well.  

Jessica Agra, who joined the squad last year at the beginning of regular season play, commented on her first pre- season, "I was nervous going in to the fall season just because I didn't really know what to expect, but it's different when you're actually experiencing it. I think it's interesting and helpful to play regular individual tournaments in the fall season to get us ready for the regular season."

The team will build off the valuable experiences from fall play, and use the Holiday season to continue training and practicing for the regular season play, which opens up against CSU Bakersfield on January 23, 2011.

Agra is settling in to her sophomore season, and confident in her team's abilities. "I think the team is off to a good start … with the freshmen that we have this year, and having the returning players ready to compete we can do even better than last season's impressive performance. The team is really pumped and excited for the regular season to start!"

2011 promises to bring many exciting matches to Bronco women's tennis fans. Be on the lookout for the release of Bronco Ace, the official Bronco women's tennis newsletter, and check back here for updates and statistics throughout the season.

Go Broncos!

By: Kelsey Houlihan '11

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