Knudsen, Fresh off Trip to China, Ready for Season

Knudsen, Fresh off Trip to China, Ready for Season

Written by Student Assistant Stephen Hobbs ‘11

    For many student athletes the summer is an opportunity to relax and focus on their respective sport without the daily grind of school. The summer is also is a chance for student athletes to experience many different adventures that they cannot partake in during the season. Sophomore Dana Knudsen (DK) took advantage of this unique opportunity and spent two weeks in China as part of a program for the Leavey School of Business.

     Knudsen documented her trip to China this summer thoroughly and frequently in a blog. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU check out her many pictures and videos from the trip at: (CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE IT). also took the opportunity to ask Knudsen about how she has worked to improve in the off-season after she was named to the WCC All-Freshman team in 2009.

SCU: After redshirting your freshman year, what did you learn or improve on that helped you succeed this last season?
DK:  I think that redshirting really gave me the desire to play and to win. Sitting on the bench my redshirt season and watching was not fun, so I was determined to play and work hard to improve every aspect of my game. Having the right mentality is a tool that is greater than any type of skill.


SCU:  What part of your game did you want to improve over the off-season?
DK:  Mostly I wanted to improve my physical fitness. I've been working hard to be in prime shape, so that I can use my skills more effectively. I'm also hoping to improve my consistency this season.


SCU:  What are you excited about for the upcoming season?
DK:  I'm really excited to see the transformation of our team from last season to this season. We have been working hard and we have had time to bond and trust. I hope that our unity will be strength for us this season and hopefully the fans will be able to see that change.


SCU: When did you return from China?
DK:  I returned from China on the Fourth of July, which was appropriate with my renewed appreciation for America! God bless the land I love!