Taylor Milton of the Volleyball Team Shares Her Excitement About Their Success in Illinois

By Tomomi Menjo '13

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The Bronco volleyball team had a great start to their season over the weekend posting a 4-0 record. Taylor Milton (TM) caught up with SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCB) after their great weekend and shared with us how the team is doing with their new coaches. The Broncos have a double header on August 31st in the UC Davis tournament against University of Utah and North Carolina.

SCB: How was your weekend in Illinois?

This weekend in Illinois was great. Our whole team got off to a really good start together. We ended up finishing 4-0 and all the pieces we have begun to practice are slowly coming together.

SCB:  What did you learn from this tournament?

I learned a lot about the newer girls on the team, both on and off the court, since we had such a long time away together. I was able to see and trust the progress of our team on the court going into our next tournament.

SCB: Who is helping you on your team to improve, or to push yourself to work hard?

I think I use all my teammates on the court to find a steady balance while playing and to grow and get better as a unit. I play a large majority beside Katherine Douglas and Katy Schatzman, so being encouraged and comfortable with them really helps me improve as well.

SCB:  How is the team responding to the new coaches, Aaron Mansfield and Matt Lyles?

Everyone seems to be responding very well to all of the coaches, especially Aaron our newest assistant coach. The way he teaches and explains things is very clear and relatable to the way I've been taught how to play the game. He has been very helpful with multiple aspects of my game. Matt takes a huge role in helping with our teams serve receive and you can see the big improvements in matches already. I hear a lot of good things about Jon and Emily too. They work a lot with the setters and middles. Everyone is working together.

SCB:  What have you been learning and working on with the new coaches?

Individually, the coaches have been helping me a ton with my blocking, serving and serve-receive which are slowly coming along. As a team, we are implementing a new quicker offensive system that requires faster, lower sets for our hitters.

SCB:  What is your personal goal for this season?

Personally, I want to be able take on the bigger role that the coaches have given me and become a consistent and matured leader on the court. In both practices and games, I want to work on always being entirely checked in and giving 100%, cleaning up all of my skill work, like blocking and serving that I have had some difficulties with lately.

SCB:  Any message to the SCU community?

With a great start to a new season, we would love and appreciate all the support for this upcoming season to help us continue on a successful path!