Sahil Sagar of Men's Rowing Voted Associated Student Government President

Sahil Sagar of Men's Rowing Voted Associated Student Government President

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Santa Clara men's rower Sahil Sagar has been voted Associated Student Government (ASG) president for the 2019-20 academic year.

The sophomore has two years of experience working with ASG as a student senator as well as two years on the rowing team. He has also been an MCC representative and worked on the Intandesh Board and with OneUp.

As ASG president, Sagar will be responsible for working with the University faculty, staff, and administration, appointing and presiding over the Cabinet, and informing ASG of University decision and events.

"As a student-athlete at Santa Clara I've learned how to maintain balance with everything I do," Sagar said. "I've learned over the past two years that is pretty difficult at times to maintain grades, relationships, and friendships in college on top of all the commitments one makes as an athlete. Playing a collegiate sport has taught me how to prioritize commitments, efficiently get work done, and also function as a productive member of a team. As ASG President I will be meeting and working with tons of different groups on and off campus in order to improve the lives of the student body. It may get rough at some points in time, but I know I have the skills to get through it all. And I learned that through being a student-athlete."

Being a rower, in particular, has taught Sagar several important lessons as well that will translate to his new role.

"My experience with rowing so far is something I will cherish and continue to appreciate," Sagar said. "As a walk-on on a Division 1 rowing team, I was totally out of my element and did not know what I was into. Joining the rowing team has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences so far. It's just a constant grind. As my coach Jay Farwell says, 'There are no off strokes on the water or in life.' From rowing I've become so much stronger physically and mentally, learned the value and what it truly means commit, and have become extremely humbled by the experience. I'm not the best rower on the team, but I know I can only control what I can do, and as long as I'm taking positive steps towards helping the team and in my personal life then I know I'm doing the right thing. This same mentality applies to my role as ASG president."

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